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to altcoins


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OIN brings great DeFi functionality, such as stablecoin issuance to blockchain projects through a multi-faceted infrastructure. We empower projects, large or small, with access to the next step of blockchain revolution: decentralized finance.

What we do

Our versatile blockchain infrastructure brings an easy solution to create DeFi functions where there was none. Our first live product, the OINDAO, enables projects to mint their own branded stablecoins with a customizable staking pool, which the user can then swap for their favorite coins to increase their holdings. The user is thus able to leverage their holdings, earn rewards,and use their stablecoins in a multitude of use cases, often offered as specific ecosystems by the projects. We make all this possible in an easy solution, with more products to come.




A stablecoin and staking derivatives issuance platform. Different from MakerDAO, OINDAO is specially designed for Altcoins.

A decentralized exchange where the staking derivatives on OINDAO can be swapped with mainstream stablecoins.


  • 2020 Q1 START
  • 2020 Q3 OINDAO ETH version live
  • 2020 Q3 OINDAO USDO1
  • 2020 Q4 OINDAO First project
  • 2021 Q1 OINDAO Backend management
    system for projects
  • 2021 Q2 OINDAO 10+ branded
    stablecoins minted 
  • 2021 Q3 OINDAO Polkadot version
  • 2021 Q4 OINSWAP Stablecoin swap
    on Polkadot
  • 2022 Q1 OINDAO v2
  • Amo Huang

    Tech Lead

  • Richie Li

    BD Lead

  • Daniel K

    Marketing Lead

  • Erdil Özmen

    Community Lead

  • ShaoDong Xu

    Technology Developer

  • Wei Liu

    Technology Developer

  • Jackie Cheng

    Blockchain Developer

  • Danny J. C.




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